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How You Can Help

While the EFF supports our stand, they are pretty tapped out from the MPAA case. That means we're fighting this one on our own and we've already had to sink considerable funds into legal fees. We're going to need help to get through this and we're already planning on raising funds through a variety of methods. In addition to our not wanting to lose this case because of free speech issues, the very real fact is that if we do lose the case, Ford could potentially wipe us off the planet. They are asking the court for everything from legal fees, "significant damages" that they intend to prove in court (also described as "irreparable harm"), and punitive damages. And that's only the financial aspect of what a loss would represent. Ford wants the court to seize control of the domain so that it can't be used for any purpose whatsoever. In addition, they want to be able to examine every domain we've registered "to consider whether any such other registration should be subject to other relief in this matter."

If you'd like to donate to our defense fund, you can send a contribution to:

2600 Ford Lawsuit Fund
PO Box 752
Middle Island, NY 11953.

We now have a way for you to donate through our Internet store. Keep checking for additional fundraising items as we come up with them.